Jilin Abiron EMS provides simple to complex electro-mechanical assembly services, to complete product.

The manufacturing facilities at Jilin Abiron EMS are designed to house an abundance of manufacturing options within an environment focused on lean manufacturing processes.

The range of Jilin Abiron EMS capability add value to our customer’s products, our wide range of value-added services includes: Material procurement, process development, control documentation, inventory management of your assemblies, CAD design engineering, Tool & die design, fabrication, Prototype to production capabilities, electro-mechanical assemblies, automated or semi-automated assembly, and testing.

We’ll add value to an existing assembly configuration, or create and manufacture a custom assembly to meet your exact requirements.

We focus on continuous improvement, we fully quality test all products we manufacture. Our customers’ are industrial organizations who know that the quality and reliability we demonstrate and our proximity to the huge Chinese market are a guaranty to their success, and that’s why they have selected Jilin Abiron EMS  as their partner time after time.
Sourcing and Integration – Jilin Abiron EMS  will also procure assembly components or special services from sources outside of our line, when a customer design requires. We actively support our customers with technical help on designs, which is manifested in lower costs, and the ability to better solve problem.

Our full service, one-stop sourcing solution helps you save time and money. We take responsibility for the whole process from design to assembly to quality control to JIT delivery.

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